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Noise is one of the greatest causes of disruption and stress. Our ability to relax and our concentration greatly depend on the acoustics environment in which we live and work. The balance in the acoustics creates a tranquil setting and provides a means to focus on the matter at hand.

Ekous addresses interior acoustics issues such as privacy, speech intelligibility, sound reverberation, and general noise reduction. Ekous allows you to create a beautiful environment with outstanding acoustic properties that endorse productivity and well-being.


So, why EKOUS acoustics 

are important?

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Room Acoustics Testing

Room Acoustics testing is conducted to evaluate the sound Reverberation Time condition before and after Ekous application in the rooms. This testing gives us accurate data in order to provide the best acoustics solutions.


What is Reverberation Time (RT)?

Reverberation time is the most important factor when assessing a room with a noise problem. RT is defined as the time it takes, in seconds, for the sound pressure level to drop by 60dB after the source has stopped generating the sound.


A room with a high RT generally has a problem with noise as sound travels for long distances without being absorbed. Rooms with a high RT almost always have an issue with echo as the sound is reflected from hard surface to hard surface.


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